WP 1: Project Management & Coordination

A sound management structure in the project fosters strategic decision-making, fast and effective project coordination. The Project management and coordination proposes 3-levels management structure – Project manager, WP-leaders and Advisory Board. The Project manager provides high-level supervision in all WPs, approves the detailed work plan, deliverables and milestones. The WPs-Leaders plan and co-ordinate the respective activities, carry out the validation and status reporting and ensure consistency with the work plan. They are responsible for strengthening the interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation within the work packages and other activities. Advisory Board ensures the high quality and relevance of project outputs.

D1.x.1.  Project management
D1.x.2.  Project reports
D1.x.3.  Project meeting folders (kick-off and project progress meeting)
D1.x.4.  Audits.