Goulandris Natural History Museum/ Greek Biotope – Wetland Centre

Goulandris Natural History Museum/ Greek Biotope - Wetland Centre

Location: Thermi, Greece
Website: www.ekby.gr
Contact person: Mrs. Eleni Fytoka
e-mail: helenf@ekby.gr
Phone number: 0030 2310 473320 (int.221)

In 1991, the Goulandris Natural History Museum decided, at the recommendation of the European Commission and the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works, and with their support, to create in Greece a special body to promote the conservation and sustainable management of renewable natural resources. EKBY was set up, as an autonomous body under the auspices of the Museum, with its head offices in Thessaloniki, Greece.

EKBY’s overall objective is to promote the sustainable management of renewable natural resources in Greece and other areas of the Mediterranean basin and Europe.

The Centre’s specific objectives are as follows:

– To advance scientific knowledge.

– To provide scientific information and consultation.

– To document policies and measures promoting the conservation and sustainable management of natural ecosystems.

– To contribute to the sustainable performance of human activities.

– To raise public awareness.

– To promote education and vocational training.

The Goulandris Natural History Museum/Greek Biotope-Wetland Centre (EKBY) is based at Thermi and its premises, covering 1200 m2, include offices and working areas, laboratories, a specialized library and reading room, conference room, student work areas, etc. It is staffed with experienced and specialised personnel, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and well-stocked archives. EKBY’s permanent personnel include Biologists, Geologists, Agronomists, Foresters, Environmental scientists, a Chemical Engineer, an Archaeologist, financial and administrative personnel, and assistants. Over 70 % of them have postgraduate degrees at doctoral or master’s level.

EKBY coordinates the project activities on wetland mapping, database creation and connectivity of wetland ecosystems with protected networks (Natura 2000, Emerald) in the 5 Balkan Mediterranean countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus. FYROM, Greece (namely the WP3 of WetMainAreas project). Specifically, for Greece and Cyprus, EKBY is responsible to generate the harmonized wetland datasets and perform the connectivity analysis, between wetlands and the NATURA 2000 sites, which are hosting important natural habitats, wild fauna and flora of Community interest. In addition, EKBY contributes in the transnational studies of the 3 demonstration catchment areas of Aoos/Vjosa, Axios/Vardar, Nestos/Mesta regarding the improvement of conservation effectiveness of wetland ecosystems and the promotion of their natural and cultural heritage in the BalkanMed region. In the context of policy implementation (WP5), EKBY organizes a Living Lab workshop for stakeholders of the 5 involved countries to share project findings and streamline joint wetland conservation action plans. During the project implementation, EKBY works very closely with the Department of Biodiversity and Protected areas, of the Ministry for Environment, which act as observer partner of the WetMainAreas project.