Vardar/Axios River

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece share the basin of the Vardar/Axios River, partly designated as Natura 2000 sites. Axios, delta in Greece is a Ramsar site. The transboundary Lake Dojran/Doirani is located in this basin. Lake Dojran/Doirani is a small (total area 43.1 sq km) tectonic lake which is shared by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (27.4 sq km) and Greece (15.7 sq km). The lake is rich in fish – 16 species. In Greece, it is a Natura 2000 site. In FYROM, it has been designated as a Ramsar site. Local authorities and researchers have worked together in the past for common management approaches. The implementation of the WFD in progress in both countries, but Greece, being an EU member State, is much ahead in this respect is expected to improve the status of the system in the long term. Data exchange is deemed necessary by both countries.