The project outputs and results bring deep and widespread impact in the transnational area in long term.

Partnership has been strategically developed as part of project methodology in order to capitalize on existing resources, bring scientific and reliable outputs and most importantly in order to ensure sustainability and maximum possible integration into action. It involves Research Partners, User Partners, two Observer Partners representatives from Greek and FYROM Ministries of environment, as well as representative from Bulgarian Ministry of environment and water as member of the Advisory Board.

Further, the project partners have long standing action on wetland inventory, mapping and conservation and integrate project outputs and results (of BalkanMed wetland identification & connectivity and Joint pilot BalkanMed wetland assessments) in their existing workflows and future research as well in future cooperation projects.

Also wide dissemination and sustainability of project outputs is assured through the strong link of WetMainAreas with the MedWet initiative, since project outputs contribute directly to specific priority areas which are foreseen in the MedWet Framework for Action: 2016-2030 including, amongst others, the aim of establishing the basis of a Pan-Mediterranean inventory and of incorporating wetlands into national and local development and land-use planning.

Finally, WetMainAreas tangible outputs are free accessible via the project webpage and via a portal as regards the GIS datasets, available for any interesting body to download and further analyse or replicate e-guidance documents.