Municipality of Gotse Delchev

Municipality of Gotse Delchev

Location: Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria
Contact person: Mrs Marina Gerova
Phone number: +00359 888006080

The Municipality realize the Local Government as it is stated in art.17 of LSGLAA, acting independently on all issues of local importance, which the law has given it as: municipal property, municipal enterprises, municipal finance, taxes, municipal administration; planning and development of the municipality and it’s the settlements; education; health; culture; urbanization and communal activities; social services; environmental protection and rational use of natural resources; maintenance and preservation of cultural, historical and architectural monuments; development of sport, recreation and tourism.

In addition the Municipal priorities are:

  • Development of a competitive, sustainable municipal economy, based on local conditions and resources.
  • Development and modernization of local infrastructure.
  • Improving the quality of the environment with an emphasis on renovation of social infrastructure, energy efficiency, accessibility for everyone and risk prevention.
  • Development of tourism in close connection with the preservation and exposition of cultural and historical heritage and preservation of the environment.
  • Development of human resources and strengthening of the administrative capacity.
  • Development of cross-border and inter-municipal cooperation.

The Municipality of Gotse Delchev’s contribution to WetMainAreas project will be on assessment of the connectivity in the Bulgarian part of Mesta/Nestos pilot site beyond the boundaries of protected areas and national borders, in order to improve knowledge on ecological connectivity and transnational ecosystems’ integration in the BalkanMed territory and on the other hand to support policy and action plans by integrating scientific knowledge into guidance documents, available to everybody and thus improve the capacity of authorities, spatial planners, and developers to take informed decisions and to cooperate towards ecosystem integration and sustainability.