Pilot sites

Coverage of the WetManAreas goes along wetlands all over the territory of Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and FYROM. Project activities including wetland identification and connectivity, support in policy and action plan cover all Natura 2000 sites and Ramsar sites within the four countries. The area of Natura 2000 sites, covered by the project, includes: Albania–5 224,3 sq km, Bulgaria–37 634,08 sq km, Greece–35 804 sq km, FYROM–7 568,9 sq km. The area of Ramsar sites, covered by the project, includes: Albania–775,84 sq km, Bulgaria–499,13 sq km, Greece–1635 sq km, FYROM–216,16 sq km. Cyprus, although is not represented in the partnership, is part of the final distribution map.

The WetManAreas includes 4 pilot demonstration sites which aim to present good management practice and better scientific approach for conservation of wetlands in the context of the EU directives. Proposed pilot demonstration sites include – 3 transboundary – Mesta/Nestos River basin with area of 6213.18 sq km; Aoos/Vjosa River basin with area of 6651.56 sq km; Vardar/Axios River basin with area of 22817.51 sq km and 1 inland territory – Thessaly Region with area of 14,037 sq km.

The specific activities regarding joint pilot demonstration sites are distributed evenly over the entire project area – three of them are transboundary and one national. Project long-term effects (impact and results) are applicable for all of the wetlands within project area. As well as expected results could be applicable to the entire European Natura 2000 network and Ramsar sites.

Mesta/Nestos River

Mesta / Nestos River

Aoos/Vjosa River

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Vardar/Axios River

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Thessaly Region

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