The project’s expected results are:

  • Mapping and assessment of wetland ecosystems connectivity and analysis of their integration to designated areas and networks (NATURA 2000, Ramsar sites), across the whole BalkanMed translational territory (Bulgaria, Greece, FYROM, Albania and Cyprus), in order to improve the needed knowledge and contribute to the implementation of Natura 2000 network and respective legislation.
  • Update of a picture of wetlands (maps and in-situ measurements) over the BalkanMed territory in order to improve the needed scientific knowledge to enforce national legislation for protection and to support their conservation as well as local and regional spatial planning.
  • Demonstration at 4 pilot sites of joined-up wetland conservation techniques to enhance ecological connectivity and transnational ecosystems’ integration in selected agglomeration of designated sites (i.e. national parks, Ramsar sites, NATURA 2000 sites).
  • Development of good practices for simultaneously promotion of environmental and cultural heritage based on joined-up wetland eco-tourism demonstration at 4 pilot sites.
  • Improvement of wetland conservation policies in the BalkanMed territory and of the capacity of competent authorities to enforce national legislation, cooperate for effective implementation of EU Directives and promote wetland natural and cultural heritage and eco-tourism.
  • Increase in the visibility of BalkaMed wetlands’ role in ecological connectivity and transnational ecosystem integration of designated areas (national parks, NATURA 2000 sites, Ramsar sites).