Region of Thessaly on-line dissemination event of the WetMainAreas project results | 27.08.2020

The Region of Thessaly organized an on-line dissemination event on 27/08/2020 in the framework of the INTERREG Balkan Med WetMainAreas project. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the wetlands of the Region of Thessaly and their connectivity with wetland ecosystems of the Balkan-Mediterranean territory and to present the knowledge and services developed during the project and to interact for further synergies and capitalization of project outcomes for the improvement of the conservation effectiveness of wetland ecosystems. In total 51 participants of regional policymakers, academics, local business representatives, NGOs and general public attended the event. 

The Greek Biotope – Wetland Centre (EKBY) demonstrated the knowledge and services developed during the project for the recording and conservation of wetland ecosystems in the Balkan Mediterranean focusing on the area of Thessaly, National Observatory of Athens presented the innovative service of monitoring of surface water dynamics in wetland ecosystems from Space and the Region of Thessaly referred to the process of recording and evaluation of wetland ecosystems of the area while participants discussed about the opportunities for further capitalization and synergies that can be offered for the sustainability and the continuation of the project results.