Final Conference Press Release

The WetMainAreas Final Conference Webinar was held on 23/06/2020. This wrap up event was organized by University of Forestry, Bulgaria (Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture) in the frame of Project: Improving the conservation effectiveness of wetlands, funded under TNCP Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020 (Subsidy Contract BMP1/2.1/2342/2017).

81 participants, representatives of policymakers, NGOs, wetlands managers, academics, biodiversity and GIS experts as well as tourism organizations were registered. The participating countries were: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia and Spain.

The Conference programme covered the work done for the Balkan-Mediterranean wetlands mapping and connectivity assessment and for the promotion of their cultural heritage and presentation of the innovative IT services developed.

A round table discussion offered opportunities for exchange on topics like: “What could be the practical use of the WetMainAreas results for improving wetland conservation?”, “How to promote Balkan-Mediterranean cultural values for sustainable tourism?” and “How the Balkan-Mediterranean transnational collaboration on wetlands conservation could continue?”.

You can watch the video from the event here: