BalkanMed WetMainAreas Living Lab Webinar

The Balkan Mediterranean Wetland Living Lab was organized by the Greek Biotope – Wetland Centre (EKBY) in the context of the INTERREG Balkan Med WetMainAreas project, with the purpose to demonstrate the knowledge and services developed during the project and interact to project key messages, towards a joint vision for improving the conservation effectiveness of wetland ecosystems. It brought together policy makers and representatives from competent authorities and organizations from the 5 Balkan Mediterranean countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, North Macedonia), as well as representatives from European and Mediterranean organizations; it was attended by a total of 80 participants from 11 countries.

You can watch the video from the webinar here:

The key messages and presentations  can be downloaded from the following links:

Key Messages_Balkan Med Wetland Living Lab

Practical Significance Application of WetMainAreas

Living Lab Sattelite based Monitoring

BalkanMed Wetland Mapping_Connectivity