WP4: Joint Pilot BalkanМed Wetland Assessments

The aim of WP 4 Joint Pilot BalkanMed Wetland Assessments is to zoom experience and results obtained in WP3 into pilot sites through development of joint-up wetland conservation techniques and eco-tourism opportunities at 4 pilot sites:

  • Mesta /Nestos
  • Vardar/Axios
  • Vjosa/Aoos:
  • Thessaly Region

The joint assessment is based on common scientific guidelines and covers:

a. Conservation techniques for wetland ecosystems which are ecologically and functionally connected with Natura 2000 network, Emerald network, national protected areas, Ramsar sites.
b. Tourism and cultural values of the 4 pilots for promotion of the whole region.
c. Organization of a Technical Workshop/Training on the 4 pilot demonstration sites.

Specific deliverables include:

D4.x.1. Guidance & pilot demonstration on wetland connectivity assessment
D4.x.2. Guidance & pilot demonstration on tourist/cultural heritage assessment
D4.x.3. Technical Workshop/Training: 4 Pilots demonstration.